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Power of Raw Juice - Nutritional Consulting

The whole point of this page is to show you the benefits of juicing in addition to eating raw vegetables and fruits. My mission is to simply bring you knowledge about raw foods and juicing. There are quite a lot of products on the market claiming to provide nutritional value in a bottle. Please be cautious before you spend your money on quite expensive “self-proclaimed” products that have little or no beneficial and nutritional value to the human body. It may not hurt you, but it will not do any good, except hitting your wallet.


“You, and you alone are responsible for the result of how you nourish your body. The LIFE in your food is what counts. It depends on you, and you alone, whether the food you eat results in nutrition or malnutrition for every cell of your body” Dr. N.W. Walker


"Why not eat the whole vegetable and fruit instead of extracting the juice and discarding the fiber?" Actually, there is no nourishment in fibers, however, fibers serve a very useful purpose and help to move things along through digestive system (your mouth, stomach, duodenum, 25 feet small intestine) and 5-6 feet large intestine - the Colon. Thus, it is imperative that a well-balanced diet of each day of life, should contain as a main course, a salad composed of variety of RAW VEGETABLES.

Enzymes are elements (catalysts) which enables the body to be nourished and live. They enable us to digest food and to absorb it into our blood. In other words, our body simply will not function if it was not for the enzymes.

Enzymes are sensitive to temperature above 118 F and at 140 F the enzymes are dead. Well, as you all know, no matter what we cook, the temperature will go from 212 F (water boiling point) and above.


So, coming back to the original question: Why not eat the whole vegetable and fruit instead of extracting the juice?

“Solid food requires many hours of digestive activity before its nourishment is finally available to the cells and tissues of the body. The removal of fibers in extraction of the juices, enables juices to be very quickly digested and assimilated, some times in a matter of minutes, with a minimum of effort and exertion on the part of the digestive system. It is this atoms and molecules in their respective enzymes in the fresh raw juices, which aid the speedy nourishment of the cells and tissues, glands, organs and every part of our body. For example, it is well known that celery because of it is high sodium chloride content is our best food to counteract the effects of extreme heat. To eat the celery would involve a lot of time in the process of digestion that one may readily be overcome by the intense heat before the beneficial effects of celery can be obtained. On the other, a fresh glass of raw celery juice will do the trick” Dr. N.W. Walker.


Can you really consume 4 Lbs. of raw carrots and 2 green apples in the morning? Probably not…But by juicing, it will give you about 4 glasses of juice that you and your family can easily drink in the morning. Carrots are one of the highest contributors of vitamin A (your body actually uses beta carotene from carrots to make vitamin A) — the powerhouse vitamin for so much of our body — in the American diet. Carrots also provide ample amounts of vitamins B, C, D, E and K, as well as many minerals such as magnesium, and calcium. Carrot juice is high in plant proteins and, as a result, provide total nutrition and healing. It helps to promote appetite and aids in digestion, and helps with improvement and maintenance of bone structure of the teeth. Believe it or not, “one pint of carrot juice daily, has more constructive body value than 25 pounds of calcium tablets” Dr. N.W. Walker.


Some people ask me “Are carrot juices high in sugars?” No. All fruit and vegetables contain complex carbohydrates, which are not actual sugars but instead form the basis of human nutrition.


Osmosis is the chemical and physiological diffusion through the walls of the intestines of the substances (derived from eaten food), broken down and liquefied from a solid or semi-solid state into their atomic components. It is only in this liquid state that the food components are able to enter the body through the walls of the intestines into the blood stream.  What cannot be liquefied in the digestive processes is eliminated as waste through the colon.


Think of the tired feeling you get after a heavily-processed meal. That happens because your body has to redirect energy to your digestive system… not something you really want. And who wants to eat food that makes them tired anyway? We eat and drink because we’re trying to replenish energy, not spend it.


Raw juicing gives you instant energy. You feel light, energetic and full. Why? Because you are eating food which is rich in nutrients, your body isn’t going to need as much to be satisfied.


Raw juices fill your body with powerful nutrients, and thus your metabolism, digestion and immune system will function much more effectively. As a result, you naturally lose weight, sleep better, and feel happy.


Raw fresh vegetable and fruit juicing (providing you use a proper juicer) extracts more than 95% of the nutrition that is “trapped” in fibers allowing truly natural detoxification repair of damaged tissue and every cell in your body.