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Why Care About Your Colon?

How can cleaning my colon help?

The colon is a reflex organ, meaning there are electrical connections to all other parts and systems of the body. When waste material has accumulated over a long period of time it breaks down and becomes toxic. It can leak through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream. A build up of waste matter on the wall of the colon can also inhibit peristalsis, the phythmic flexing of the intestinal muscles by which the feces are expelled. The body responds by slowing down other functions. This causes constipation and sluggish bowel movements which affect all other systems of the body. The porpose of the Colon Hydrotherapy is to clean, detoxify it, and restore it to good health. 

"Why cleanse the colon?", you ask. "I never think about my colon. It is tail end of my digestive tract, for heaven's sake". "Sounds a bit gross to tell the truth!". 

Well, think for a minute. If you ever eaten junk food, fatty food, sweets, caffeine, soda pop, chemically treated and preserved food, too much food, too little food, or, in fact, anything that modern culture deems edible, you will benefit from Colon Hydrotherapy. 

Unfortunately, we take better care of our city sewage system than our bodies. The fact is, just like the sity sewer, the miraculous five foot tube we call colon, or large intestine, determines wheather or not the body is polluted. When the daily rigors and diets of modern life besiege us, the colon becomes the repository of accumulated plaque and numerous, unhealthy toxins, which may disable the body's purification system. The useless material ends up reentering our body's blood stream, getting deposited in our cells instead of passing on its way. Just a few Colon Hydrotherapy sessions may reverse what could be a lifetime of neglect!

About 95% of Americans are carrying around an extra 5-20 lbs of fecal matter in their large intestines that is leeching toxins into their systems and making them look fat. With proper nutrition and retraining of the large intestine with colonics, people are able to fully evacuate their colons without the assistance of chemicals.


For some people who have the best "bathroom libraries" in the world, and some of whom actually reserve this time for reading the daily newspaper-cover to cover. The habit of reading in the bathroom is simply a reflection of inadequate function.

It is not healthy if you don't have 1 – 3 bowel movements per day, need to take a laxative, strain when defecating, have clay like stools or stools that are watery, round, dry, thin or intensely putrid.

Patients with colorectal or anorectal problems are generally unaware of how their own bowel habits may vary from normal. Since their problems usually stem from childhood, representing lifelong habits, and since they have no standards for comparison, most patients assume that their function is normal.


The build-up of toxins weakens the colon and impairs its functioning. The gentle filling and emptying of the colon improves peristalsis (muscular contraction) by which the colon naturally moves material. Having Colonics is like taking your colon to the gym.

When problem conditions exist in the colon, they tend to alter its shape because the colon is a muscle and it will enlarge to the build up of toxins not being released. That in turn causes more problems. The gentle action of the water, coupled with massage techniques of the colon therapist, help to eliminate bulging pockets of poop and narrowed, spastic constrictions finally enabling the colon to resume its natural state.

The colon is connected to every system and organ in the body by reflex points. The colonic stimulates these points thereby affecting the corresponding body parts in a beneficial way. Thus creating overall well-being and health in the body.
Water is absorbed into the body through the colon which increases the volume of blood. The circulation of the blood is increased, resulting in a greater bathing of the cells. This dilutes the toxins and flushes them out relieving toxemia and uremia and increasing elimination both through the kidneys and the skin, as well as the bowels. All this generally assists the cardiovascular and circulatory systems to be more efficient.



How is Colon Hydrotherapy Different?
Colon Hydrotherapy is the gentile infusion of filtered, temperature- controlled water into the colon, by way of FDA approved disposable nozzles or speculums, Which fills the colon allowing impacted waste to be removed. With experienced certified therapists, trained in the use of FDA Devices, more toxins and waste can be eliminated.

                                                     Water in - waste matter flushed out!

How many sessions are recommended?
Many journals written by medical doctors from the early 1900s, in which All recommend a series of Twelve over Ten Weeks; Two the first week back-to-back, (One today, one tomorrow) two the second week, and one a week for eight weeks. The reason for that is the human body is exceptionally smart. When we clean out the colon, the body starts pulling waste out of the tissue and putting the waste into the blood stream. The waste heads for the liver, then back to the colon, ready to be promptly removed.


Will laxative or enemas accomplish the same results?

No. To clean out the lower part of the colon, enemas are fine. But you are missing about 4 feet of the colon. Laxatives are an irritant to the body. Therefore, the body produces a thin, watery substance that goes through the colon and leaves behind impacted toxins and waste. 


Will the Colon Hydrotherapy affect the bacteria that resides in the colon?

In the early part of the century it was found that more than 160 different species of bacteria have been found in the colon. Of these, more than 1/3 were found to possess pathogenic, or disease-producing, properties. Dr. Kellogg, M.D. point out that more than 20 species of putrefactive bacteria which are found in the stool of the flesh-eaters, all of which produce very highly toxic products. One of the most common and abundant bacteria is Welch which produces enormous quantities of offensive gas and highly active poison. 


Can Colon Hydrotherapy improve the Bacteria balance in my body?

One way is to remove the toxins so the beneficial bacteria has a cleaner house to live in.  in second way is to reintroduce the Bifidus Bacteria that normally populates the colon. Colon Hydrotherapy improves the bacteria "habitat" facilitating their reproduction and the multiplication. Antibiotics are the major cause of flora loss. We've all used them and / or regularly ingested them, perhaps unwittingly, in eating antibiotic-laden meat products, that are depleted of the necessary enzymes to digest them. 


Does Colon Hydrotherapy affect the electrolyte balance in the body and body hydration?

In 1989 study - "Effects of Colon Hydrotherapy on Serum Electrolytes" conducted by NCNM, Portland, OR., 

NO patients experienced any clinically significant symptoms or disturbances. Hydrotherapy does not pull water from the body or irritate bowel. 


Is Colon Hydrotherapy Painful?
An impacted colon can cause discomfort and cramping as the colon contracts to expel the waste. [Discomfort on toilet will also occur.] Once major impaction is removed, many actually find a session pleasant.


After receiving Colon Hydrotherapy, we have experienced that it is important to: Drink plenty of water (purified water, juices, herb teas and electrolytes liquids). Eat healthy vegetable soups for 24 hours. Avoid eating raw vegetables for a couple of days. Steamed vegetables and raw fruit are sufficient, chew very thoroughly. Reduce flesh consumption (especially beef, pork, and chicken). 

Types of Safe Colon Hydrotherapy Devices?
The FDA requires Device Manufacturers to apply for an establishment license complete rigorous device testing such as; bio compatibility, toxicology, safety and systems in place for quality control documentation before marketing. Be sure the Center you visit is using FDA approved Devices and provides Disposable Nozzles or Speculums.




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