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You are in charge of your own life and we are so thrilled that you had the wisdom and determination to look for a way to get healthier!

Why Care About Colon Health?

The colon has been referred to as the sewer system of the body. It is the place where we store the waste material that most of us would rather not think about. A healthy colon produces vitamin B and K, as as adsorb water. A healthy digestive system tract helps support a healthy immune system.

What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is referred as colonics, colon irrigation, or high enemas that utilizes safe filtered, temperature-controlled water for inner cleansing. Historians tell us that the practice of Colon Hydrotherapy, or: Enema, was first used by the Egyptians. The Ebers Paprus, of the 14th Century B.C., and the Edwin Smith Paprus (c. 1700 BC.,) both mention enemas and give directions for the use of the enema.

Power of Raw Juice

Raw juices help detoxify our bodies while providing us with immediate nutrition. Raw vegetable and fruit juices, if properly extracted, are the most vital rebuilding and regenerating food which the body can have for constructive purposes and the quickest means by which the body can be brought back to a normal condition all the way to cell level of proper chemical balance.


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